Enjoy a terrace level. Spend the day at the coast and in the evening made ​​pamper " Ravello Festival "


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SEA AND PATH OF THE GODS                                                                                                               Ravello is about 5 km from the sea. Castiglione is the beach of Ravello. An effective way to go to the sea can be to go to Amalfi either by bus from Ravello or with your own car, stopping it at the Luna Rossa car park. The link shows the timetables of the boats that take you to the various municipalities on the sea of the Amalfi coast: www.travelmar.it/en/index

The timable for organizing a guided excursion on the 'path of gods' is given: www.travelmar.it/en/how-to-reach-path-of-gods We recommend that you be accompanied by a guide




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