Enjoy a terrace level. Spend the day at the coast and in the evening made ​​pamper " Ravello Festival "

Capri. La piazzetta




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From Torre del Sogno going down via San Martino, after 98 steps you arrive in via Lacco. Here at number 27 there is a minimarket: Langella telephone: +39 089 857409. Continuing to go downhill you will reach Piazza Fontana Moresca.
The fountain, from 1700, has a circular basin with a double umbrella structure in the center from which water gushes.
The artistic element of interest was constituted by the statues depicting the ox and the lion (symbol of the evangelists) which decorated the two water mouths. They came from the ciborium of the former Cathedral and were stolen in the 1970s.
Now it is possible to admire the copies, works by the Catania author, placed to replace the stolen originals.
path in Google map: shorturl.at/dkMS7