Enjoy a terrace level. Spend the day at the coast and in the evening made ​​pamper " Ravello Festival "

Wifi and Emergency numbers and Parking


Mini Market (400 meters from the apartment, with stairs)

coming down from 'Torre del Sogno' via San Martino 44
Food Davide Langella
via Lacco, 27 Ravello
phone: +39 089 857409

Market Despar (3.7 km from the apartment. By car)

Market Despar
Via Cigliano, 9 Ravello
phone: +39 089 858435


apartment address: 44 San Martino street ​​84010 Ravello (SA) second floor

On the SP1 (Strada Provinciale1) at the height of via XXV Aprile which is the small road adjacent to the Ravello cemetery reserved for parking only for residents, there is the possibility to park in the white lines for free or to follow it is possible to park in the blue lines thanks to a special permit from the 'Torre del Sogno' facility and a payment ticket.
You will find the Ticket and Permit in the apartment and you will have to display them both on sight in the car.
The cost of the ticket is € 12 and is valid for the whole day.
At the end of your stay, leave the amount of the tickets you used on the shelf where you found them (in the photo) and please return the parking permit because it is unique and must be original.
However, it is allowed to go all the way down via XXV Aprile and stop at the end of the street for the sole purpose of placing your luggage. From there to the apartment located in via San Martino, 44 ​​there are less than 150 meters.
If you come by taxi, stop in via XXV Aprile Ravello.
Local BUS
In Ravello there is a LOCAL BUS.
The ticket costs € 1.5 per person (for a single journey valid for 4 hours). In the photo the timetable of the stops. The closest stop to via XXV Aprile where you will have to get off is called SAMBUCO.
To go by local bus to Ravello beach, take the local bus at the GRADILLO stop.
There are not many places to park, therefore the alternatives to parking on the SP1 near via XXV Aprile are:
1) SAN LORENZO PARKING (Shuttle to Ravello. Ask to get off at the local bus stop in SAMBUCO which is at the foot of via XXV Aprile)
Avenue of the Knights of Malta, 11
tel. +39 333 2282 600
info: parcoggiosanlorenzo@gmail.com
2) PARKING AT THE BRIDGE (Shuttle to Ravello. Ask to get off at the local bus stop in SAMBUCO which is at the foot of via XXV Aprile) Via Porta di Scala, 14,
84010 Ravello SA
Phone: +39 327 457 5641
3) PARKING at the Duomo (NO shuttle)
Address: Rampa Gambardella, 84010 Ravello SA
Costs: Euro 2 per hour with a flat rate of Euro 20 per day
Hours: Open 24 hours a day. The parking is not guarded but automated.
4) Oscar Niemeyer auditorium PARKING (NO shuttle)
Address: Via della Repubblica, 12, 84010 Ravello SA
Costs: Euro 2 per hour with a flat rate of Euro 20 per day
Hours: Open 24 hours a day. The parking is not guarded but automated

Self Check In

For a better usability of the information relating to Self Check In, what is communicated in the various Agencies where you can book your period of stay at the "Torre del Sogno" holiday home is reported.
Dear Guest of the 'Torre del Sogno' Holiday Home, I am very happy to welcome you in my apartment.
I would like to give you the information you need to access the apartment and for your Self Check-In
1) Registration of your documents
please send me by WhatsApp or SMS message to my number +39 345 0122079 the photos of your documents so I can register them
2) Opening the door of the building
the door will be opened via your mobile phone that has been enabled to do so for the period of your stay.
When you are in front of the door in via San Martino 44, dial +39 331 1383824 from your mobile and the door will open.
I recommend that you store this number on your mobile.
3) Opening the front door
the apartment is on the second floor. Enter the 8-digit entry code communicated to you on the keypad next to the door and the motorized lock will open the door.
The credentials to access the apartment will also be sent to your mobile number a couple of days before your arrival. Both the phone number +39 331 1383824 and the entrance code will be active only for you and will work for the entire period of your stay.
4) TOURIST TAX of Ravello
At the end of your stay, please leave the sum of € 3 for the number of people for the number of nights on the marble shelf in the corridor of the apartment. This is the Tourist Tax that I will then have to pay to the Municipality of Ravello. Within 24 hours of your arrival, I will send you the receipt of the payment made on your email in advance.
Wishing you a pleasant stay in the 'Torre del Sogno' apartment, I am sure you will appreciate its specific features that are very dear to me.
Ciao Achille


Separate collection in Ravello

For separate collection, waste must be delivered from 10 pm to 12 pm on the evenings of the days shown in the calendar.
The waste must be taken out of the door of the building and hung on the special hooks under the porch (see photo).
The delivery of the Moist must be done on the evening of Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and hung with the whole bucket on the special hook on the porch. The bucket must then be collected and returned to the apartment the morning of the next day.
If you are not present on the days indicated to deliver the waste or you are unable to do so, we will still remove it after you leave.

Behavior in the condominium

- It is forbidden to go up to the condominium terrace of the building
- I report what is posted at the entrance to the building:
For the benefit of all and for the 'rare' enjoyment of the characteristic tranquility of this wonderful place, the families of the residents and the welcome guests of this renowned historic building: Torre del Sogno, are asked not to cackle especially at night.
Thank you

Emergency keys

In the event of a power failure or malfunction of the automatic access system, it is possible to collect the keys from the safe located outside the building in via San Martino, 44.
The safe is located under the portico of the building (see photo) next to a green door after turning left at the bottom of the stairs.
Call me at +39 345 0122079 and I will send you the 4-digit combination that has been assigned to you to open the safe.
Retrieve the keys, close the safe and return the combination to 0000.
Before leaving, leave the keys on the marble counter inside the apartment
Thank you


Galleria foto: Self Check In