Enjoy a terrace level. Spend the day at the coast and in the evening made ​​pamper " Ravello Festival "


balcony, two rooms, two small bathrooms , two showers and four beds.

 Wonderful and peaceful retreat in Ravello.

The mountains that slope into the sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast offer a breathtaking view.

Casa Benigno Torre del Sogno has two bedrooms (one double, one with two single beds), two small bathrooms, two showers: one indoor, one outdoor and a 'delicious' terrace.

Drink a cold prosecco on the terrace level, it is just amazing.

 the accomodation and the pleasant dayly route
The accommodation in Palazzo Benigno "Torre del Sogno", is located in the quiet village of Ravello is within walking distance and 200 meters from a public parking for cars.A couple may be practicable and suggested itineraries. From home, through the "Portico of the Tower of Dreams" and his staircase, via a small path (see pictures below), you can go directly on the provincial road from where, while enjoying its extraordinary landscape, you come in via Boccaccio that, leaving the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer on your left, to the center of Ravello in Bishop's Square and the entrance to Villa Rufolo. Another suggested route is the descent of the whole route San Martino through a 'picturesque' staircase (see pictures below), leads within minutes to Piazza Fontana Moresca continuing from where you can get in Bishop's Square. The distance of the apartment from the center of Ravello: Piazza del Duomo, Villa Rufolo is shown on Google maps at the following address: www.goo.gl/maps/HAO8H
1st course:

(to get an idea of the distance from the apartment to the center of Ravello , in this last picture taken from the Auditorium of Oscar Niemeyer , in the upper right corner you see the profile of the " Tower of the Dream " )

2nd course:



A small terrace to ... 'dream' in the center of the Amalfi coast

Welcome to the Torre del Sogno website.

The terrace ... 'Dream' is open all year round


Palazzo Benigno 'Torre del Sogno' is a rare example of Liberty style in Ravello.
It was built by my grandfather Achille Benigno, commander of the Forest Guard of the Amalfi Coast.
Following the flood of Cetara on 24 October 1910, my grandfather destroyed his home in Vecite, a hamlet of Maiori (SA) and moved to Ravello, living in a small apartment owned by his wife Carmina Maltese.
From that small apartment in via San Martino over time he built the entire building, completing it in 1924 and placing a crenellated tower above the terrace.
The nickname 'Torre del Sogno' was coined by him when, magnifying the panorama, he accompanied his friends and illustrious guests to the Tower to enjoy the dream view.
My grandfather had ten children including my father Gen. Corps in the Alberto Benigno Reserve who inherited an apartment inside Palazzo Benigno. From my father the inheritance was transmitted to the undersigned who currently enjoys the property together with his wife prof. Anna Lobefalo.
Among the current owners of Palazzo Benigno there are two Benigno: the undersigned, owner of the apartment on the second floor and my sister Dr. Carmina Benigno who, together with her husband Salvatore Cinquegrana, bought the entire first floor, the wonderful patio and a small garden. The monumental crenellated tower with the underlying terrace are parts of common enjoyment of the owners. As in my grandfather's wishes.
doct. Achille Benigno

How to reach 'Torre del Sogno' from GOOGLE mapwww.google.com/search?q=indicazioni+via+san+martino+44+ravello&oq=indicazioni+via+san+martino+44+ravello&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i395i546l5.18033j1j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8



To live more intensely and pleasantly while staying in Ravello in the Torre del Sogno holiday home, the "Ravello Map & Walking" map is present in the apartment: a map of Ravello with interesting historical-cultural information of the town and a description of the various possible walks/ excursions to Ravello and surroundings with their precise itinerary.